A cautionary tale….

We received a call today from a lovely woman (lets call her Anne), who was having trouble with her boiler.  Mary had a long chat with her on the phone and soon found out that this unfortunate woman was in a right pickle, and it was not of her own making.  In 2014 she got an RGI to install a new boiler for her.  It was a make of boiler that we do not install.  Now, three years later this boiler is cutting out a few seconds after she tries to start it.  She got on to the supplier here in Limerick where the boiler was purchased, and they said they would get the service engineer for that make of boiler to call to her.  He is not based in Limerick so she had to wait days for him to call. 

Eventually he did come out and said the boiler needed a small part, which he didn’t have with him, but he would get it and come back as soon as possible.  That, was THREE WEEKS ago.  Anne has tried phoning him and texting him, but to no avail.  She phoned us in the hope that we could help, but we don’t install or repair this particular make of boiler – mainly because it is hard to get parts for them.  And as Mary pointed out, the official service engineer had already called out to her, so he would be the expert on those boilers and as the boiler is only three years old, it would make sense to have it repaired by the manufacturer.

Our advice?

When we are asked by a customer to fit a new boiler for them, we always recommend certain boiler makes.  90% of the boilers we install are GlowWorm.  One of the main reasons is that IF there is ever a problem with your new boiler, the GlowWorm service agent is based in Limerick, so you will not have to wait too long for him to call to sort out the issue.  Another big plus is, all the parts are readily available here in Limerick – no waiting for parts to come from the UK!

So make sure to ask the right questions when you are considering a certain make of boiler.  Just because you see a boiler advertised locally, doesn’t mean the service agent will be local.  For some makes of boilers we know that parts are not carried by the local stockist here in Limerick, so you will have to wait for those parts to be ordered in for you.  We carry a wide range of parts for the  GlowWorm boiler we fit.  If we need something more unusual we can simply call to our supplier to pick it up – usually the same day!  So don’t be like Anne and find yourself without heat for over three weeks, just because you choose the wrong make of boiler.


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