New Boilers

text hereAll of the new boilers we fit are high efficiency condensing boilers.  Our preferred makes are the Glowworm Energy boilers and the premium German-made Viessmann boilers.  Both are well-established, reputable brands in the Irish market.  Both come with a 5 year warranty which can be extended for a further 2 years.  Another reason why we are very happy to install these boilers is the excellent after-sales service.  For both makes of boiler, there are local dedicated service agents and spare parts are readily available from local suppliers.  


Our most popular boilers are from the Glowworm range.  Click here for more information on Glowworm boilers.  We have been fitting these in Limerick and surrounding areas, without issues, for over ten years.  In recent years we have noticed an increase in our customers opting for the premium Viessmann boilers.  These boilers are one of the few on the market which boast a high-grade, large-bore stainless steel heat exchanger with ten year guarantee.  Click here for more information on Viessmann boilers.



Both Glowworm and Viessmann supply Condensing System boilers and Condensing Combination boilers.  Traditionally in Ireland people had a system boiler and a hot water cylinder.  The system boiler would heat the radiators and the hot water cylinder.  Nowadays, with improved water pressure in many areas of Limerick, it is possible to fit the more efficient condensing combination boiler (where water pressure is sufficient).  The advantage to fitting this type of boiler is that you can separate your heating requirements from your hot water usage - no need for a hot water cylinder and free-up space in your hot-press!  Whenever you turn on a hot water tap, the boiler will supply you with hot water, on demand.  So if you only use a little hot water, you only HEAT a little hot water!  No more wasteful heating of a large hot water cylinder....and no more running out of hot water just when you need it!  It's always there when you need it. 


See table below for benefits of System and Combination boilers:

System Boiler