Save Money - Why pay for heating a home when it gets warmer outside? Turn your heating down remotely, or switch it off and save.

Save Energy - It couldnʼt be easier to do your bit and live greener.

Save Time - When youʼre busy, your home heating is the last thing on your mind. Istabai technology takes care of everything for you.

Hot Water - With Istabai you can heat your hot water on a schedule or on demand remotely from your phone/computer whenever you fancy a hot bath!

The system is wireless and once it is set up, you can control the temperature of your home remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop via the Istabai online app. Wherever you are, saving energy has never been simpler.


  • Wi-Fi enabled access through your phone or tabletnew wording wifi pic
  • Simple, no-mess installation
  • 15% to 50% energy savings
  • Accurate, individual room temperature control
  • Tailor-made comfort for each member of your family
  • If you wish, each family member can have access to this system


This really is the ultimate in smart heating control.  You can choose to simply have two or three heating zones or you can opt to control each and every radiator individually - the choice is yours!  This is such an amazing, cutting edge Wi-Fi heating control system, we didn't hesitate to install it in our own home.  We are delighted with the ease of use of this product, through the app which allows us to turn on and off individual radiators, no matter where we are.  We did have a two-zone programmable system with radiator thermostats (TRVs) and one room thermostat.


Fitting Wi-Fi regulator to radiator

Fitting Wi-Fi regulator to radiator


In comparison, this old system was very cumbersome, we could only use it when we were in the house and there was a lot of manual adjustment at the radiators if you didn't want all of them coming on at the same time.  Now, if we are sitting in a room and feel it is a bit chilly, we can access the app through our phone and instantly turn on the radiator in that room.  This gives us a huge saving in fuel and the added benefit of being incredibly convenient.  As well as having instant access to control individual radiators, there is also a seven day program which can be fined tuned to suit your lifestyle.


This system can be installed without the need to re-pipe your heating, which means we do not have to take up your carpets and flooring.  Because of this feature it can be installed in almost all houses, including old houses with old pipes, which otherwise could not be controlled or zoned without major works needing to be carried out.