Control Your Heating with EMBER

Sit back and relax – with EMBER it couldn’t be easier

  • Change your settings on your smartphone. EMBER App will control your heating system via your EMBER gateway which is connected to your WiFi.
  • Your EMBER gateway is the connection between your WiFi modem and your heating controls.
  • The programmer and thermostats communicate with EMBER App to achieve your desired settings.
  • Enjoy your ideal heating and hot water temperatures with EMBER App today!


Whether at home, or abroad, easy control of your heating system is in the palm of your hand.


Reduce your energy bills with total control of time and temperature of your heating & hot water.


No need to come home to a cold house again. Simply activate your heating system en route!  

"Ember ticks all the boxes - I would highly recommend it to our customers"

~ Niall Ryan