Wi-Fi smart heating thermostat

Netatmo is a simple but smart thermostat to control your home heating, directly from your phone, tablet or pc.  This is an intelligent thermostat, which can be pre-programmed to suit your lifestyle. It can easily turn your heating on or off, whether you are at home relaxing or out and about. A simple app on your phone or tablet gives you instant control, no matter where you are!  It is a small, elegant device which can be wall-mounted to replace an existing thermostat (if you have one), or placed free-standing in a location of your choice.


smart heating thermostats

This smart thermostat is wireless and can be fitted in any house, even if you don't have a thermostat currently. The only requirement is that you must have broadband or Wi-Fi in your home so you can use the app when you are away from home.  There is some specialist wiring required at your boiler to enable the switching on and off of the boiler.  We will take care of this for you during the installation. We can supply and install this amazing device in most houses for only €295 incl. Vat