SEAI Grants

We look after the grant process from start to finish

We are delighted to work in partnership with Enprova Energy Consultants.  This means we are authorised to look after the entire SEAI grant application process for you and we take care of all the paperwork.  Instead of having to wait weeks for the grant to be paid after completion of work, we can now offer you the discount upfront so you will enjoy the savings right from day one.  There is an SEAI grant available for Heating Controls Upgrade.  This is not a means-tested grant and is available for every house in Ireland built before 2006, (some T&Cs apply).

How do I decide which Smart Heating controls are right for my house?

Because every home is different and every customer’s heating requirements are unique, we would recommend getting in touch with us for a chat.  We can arrange for Niall Ryan to call out to you so he can have a quick look at the pipe layout in your house etc.  He will then go through all the options with you and give you an idea of price for your particular system.

If I get a new boiler can I have zoned heating?

The ability to have zoned heating is down to the existing pipework in your house.  Zoning is achieved by fitting devices on your pipework and linking them back to the boiler.  Simply putting in a new boiler will not change anything to do with the pipework in your house.  We can do a quick survey for you and then let you know straight away which options you have regarding smart heating controls.

What if my gas or oil boiler is old?

You can still get Smart Heating controls, AND avail of the SEAI grant even if your gas or oil boiler is old.  It is the pipework layout in your house that determines what kind of smart heating controls you can have.  Even if you put in a brand new boiler, you will still have same pipework, so nothing will have changed from a heating control point of view.  But don’t worry, no matter what kind of pipework you have in your house, there will be a smart device out there for you.