Salus RT310i

The latest smart heating system we offer is the Salus RT310i.  While its name may not trip off your tongue, it has fast become the most popular option with our customers.  The RT310i is an affordable Smartphone controlled thermostat. Connecting to your existing router it allows you to control your heating from anywhere via your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

What people love about it is its ease of use and the very attractive phone app.  This is the type of smart heating app you will want to show your friends!  It is very intuitive to use.  The temperature dial changes to warmer or cooler colours as you dial the temperature up or down.  It really wins hands down in the looks department,  while also ticking all the boxes for ease of use and control features.  Best of all?  The price.  We can install this system in most homes for only €249 incl. Vat