Oil Boiler Services

Just like your car, your oil boiler needs to be serviced. This ensures the continued safety and efficient operation of your heating system and can help prevent costly and unexpected breakdowns. ALL of the main oil boiler manufacturers recommend that a boiler is serviced annually because this not only keeps fuel consumption to a minimum, but it also can show up any potential safety problem or manufacturing defects that could occur.

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What we do during an oil boiler service

  • Visual fire and risk assessment
  • Visual check for oil and water leaks
  • Assessment of electrical controls
  • A smoke test
  • Examination of flue gas
  • Burner examination and repairs
  • Nozzle and electrode replacement if required
  • Combustion examination including air to fuel ratio
  • Check solenoid valve
  • Oil pump checked and pressure adjusted if needed
  • Baffles cleaned
  • Chamber cleaned
  • Oil tank checked
  • Condensing trap cleaned and primed
  • Float changed if needed